E-Commerce Powerhouse

Enabled India’s largest e-commerce company to track their statutory and regulatory compliances across multiple entities and hundreds of locations on a single dashboard.

Large e-commerce company was looking for a compliance tool which could provide them a real time compliance tracking and monitoring solution to track their compliances and provide them update on any changes in the compliances.


  • Research for laws and rules applicable for the client both at the central and state level for their different business verticals.
  • Implementation and Onboarding completed for all their entities and locations within 2 months.
  • Uploaded of all their registration and licenses documents thereby providing a central repository for all their required documents.
  • Set up an alert system whereby the system sends notifications when the registrations’ become due for renewals.
  • Provides continuous updates on the changes in acts, rules and regulations.


  • A single dashboard and central database enables transparent view of the compliance health of the group and aides the audit process.
  • On time Licenses renewals and reduction in the penalty and interest paid by the company.